Chimichurri Grill is a family business and we pride ourselves on delivering consistent, top quality, tasty food to every customer.  When you eat with us you will receive a friendly, fun and delicious experience.

You won't be able to miss our bright colours on the Chimichurri truck. 

We believe in "keeping it local" to benefit both local businesses and the environment.  So where possible, we use produce direct from SA.​​            

Our cook, Greg started his cooking career 20 years ago when he worked at Gauchos restaurant in Gouger St. Adelaide. Having gone on to cook various other cuisines, he has come full circle back to bring Argentinian to the people.


We cook our steak sous vide style.  This is a culinary technique where the meat is vacuum sealed and immersed at a precise and consistent temperature until perfectly cooked through.  So you can rest assured that each steak you have at Chimichurri Grill will be cooked to perfection and retain its juice and flavour.  Sous vide is used by some of the top chefs around the world and rarely would you have the chance to experience this cooking method outside fine dining. 

We make our own chimichurri sauce fresh using a traditional Argentinian recipe.  The Argentinians believe this sauce to be the best complement to meat, but we've found it's so delicious we like it on just about anything!

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